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Inspired by Men who landed a probe on a Comment,
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Hitchhikers Classic
at Redbubble

Dont Panic!
at Amazon.com

Don't Panic

Falling Whale
at Amazon.com

Carry a Towel
at Amazon.com

Old School shirt
at Amazon.com

Fourty Two

Think DEEP

Shout out to Anne Rice, as she is just as enamoured with bullies as we are.

Bite Me
at Society 6

Chateau De Lioncourt
at Redbubble

Anne Rice
at Amazon.com

Team Lestat
at Redbubble
Shirtlords recommends checking out all the Lestat stuff at Redbubble.

Who We Are.

Belive it or not, we are a couple of regular tech idiots and former residents of San Francisco who remember when San Francisco was an amazing place, full of style and culture. And, even though the world right now has quite a few loud voices who know absolutely nothing about style and culture, the cultural output of humanity is at an all time high. We scour the internet for great shirts, from both established and up and coming artists alike.

Be yourself, wear what you like, and ignore the culture-haters. Because, hey, that just means more culture for us!

Our Approach

Chief Shirtlord here. And let me tell you, after several years of being asked: "Where did you get that shirt?" and being complimented daily on ones choice of shirts... well, it just got to me. I slowly started to realize I, well, I was a Shirtlord. Did people know? Were they suspicious the whole time? There was only one thing I could do, and thats come out to everyone I know, heck, to the entire world! and let them know that yes, indeed, I am a Shirtlord. Now, not wanting to have freinds and family constantly ask me where to get shirts... like an IT guy being asked to fix everyones computer, or a Doctor being asked if some family members back-pain is actually Lupus, I decided to start Shirtlords.com You know, so I could tell them where to go. And if you know me, I tell everyone where to go. Shirtlords.com, of course! Also, its probably Lupus.

Our Process

Sites like Reddit, Digg, Fark, etc, are all S#!t aggregators.

Shirtlords, is a shirt aggregator.

The links and content on a site like Reddit or 8chan do not come from these sites, they merely link to content elsewhere.

The Shirts at Shirtlords come from all over the internet. We scour the internet to bring you great shirts. Think of it less as curated crap, and more like weaponized shirtposting.

Our Goal.

1) Get Money.

2) Open a no-kill shelter for pregnant dogs.

Our Mission.

Wait a second... Thats a lot like "Our Goal" isn't it? Did an intern write this? Get me a chair to throw!

Our Workaholic, Coffee Powered, 15 hour a day Slavedriven Team.

None of us would ever be caught dead appearing on a "Our Team" page, so, we drew some silhouettes in MS Paint, and pulled these descriptions out of our butts.

M. Sauginist

Culture-Jamming Shirtlord

M. Sauginist like hanging out with his sis, and collects things that are white.

We have not asked him why all his things are so white.


Social Media Shirtlord

We are behind 7 of her.

Especially when the boss comes!

Faul Montosh

Lead Brogrammer

If the code sucks, its this guys fault. He dreams of being an infomercial king, but actually spends all of his time playing WoW, "White Knight" or "White Knight II"

Your Mom

Community Manager

We don't have a community on Shirtlords. But if we did, we would hire your mom to manage it. All of us here at Shirtlords have heard her praises sung far and wide. From XBOX Live, to Playstation Network, and even people on Ventrillo... Just to mention a few.

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